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Not sure if thinkdrive is right for your school?

You can trial thinkdrive for FREE with limited content using thinkdrive lite, or you can get the full experience by contacting us to organise a 30-day trial for your school. We also offer a FREE 40-60 minute introductory workshop for schools, so that your teachers can understand the benefits that thinkdrive can bring to their classrooms.

A personal licence is also a great, low-cost way of checking out all of the thinkdrive content, and it can be easily upgraded to a full school licence at any point. A personal licence gives you full access to all teacher and student content, including writable templates, thinking tools, and videos.

My school has fewer than 10 Full Time teaching staff - what are our options?

We offer a reduced price for small schools. To organise a discounted licence, please contact us, and we'll help you to get started.