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Let’s face it, being a teacher in Australia or New Zealand means long days filled with teaching in the classroom, after school activities, marking, and to top it off, lots of late-night lesson planning sessions. Imagine an initiative that saves teachers time and effort in terms of planning lessons, while still ensuring that the quality of lessons and the teaching remains at an optimal level. We offer hundreds of online teaching resources designed to make your life as a teacher easier.

At itc publications, we are passionate about teaching and learning. Over the years we have provided thousands of teachers in Australia and New Zealand with teacher help resources that make their lives easier and their workdays shorter while enabling them to maintain high levels of teaching and learning in classrooms. itc thinkdrive is our all-in-one online platform for educational resources that aligns with the Australian Curriculum.

We have drawn from over 17 years of educational knowledge to provide relevant and curriculum-aligned online educational resources which focus on cognitive verbs. These include various thinking tools for teachers and learners, hundreds of writable and printable templates, and interactive activities available at the touch of a button.

The Benefits of Online Teaching Resources from itc thinkdrive

Teaching students can be a complex and challenging task, especially when teaching subjects that require students to critically think. Cognitive verbs have become a key focus of the Australian Curriculum, clearly setting out the level of understanding and thinking required from students at the various stages of their learning.

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  • We save you time. With hundreds of lessons already planned out, all teachers have to do is ensure the effective delivery of the lesson in the classroom and the facilitation of cooperative classroom activities to achieve the objectives as set out in the lesson. Our classroom resources require minimal preparation, effort and time.
  • Cooperative activities allow teachers to quickly identify and correct any issues that may arise, such as when a student does not fully understand a concept. Our teaching and learning resources empower teachers to identify problems quickly and empower students to develop their understanding of cognitive verbs.
  • We have hundreds of writable and printable resources available at the touch of a button—no more spending hour upon hour gathering or drawing up activities, PCQ or SWOT analysis charts. We’ve made it easy for teachers to focus explicitly on what they are doing in the classroom.
  • Our cognitive verb toolkits cover over 60 commonly used cognitive verbs in detail, empowering students to develop critical thinking skills and become independent learners by learning the steps involved in performing the tasks associated with cognitive verbs.
  • We offer a free 30-day school trial of itc thinkdrive that gives you full access to the platform so you can experience this valuable resource with no cost attached.

What Sets itc thinkdrive Apart Regarding Educational Resources in Australia?

We offer an affordable and highly effective online teaching and learning resource for teachers to teach over 60 common cognitive verbs with curriculum-aligned thinking tools, sentence starters, assessment exemplars, student feedback tools, and much more.

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  • Optimise pedagogy in your school by empowering teachers to deliver our effective lessons using our four-step pathway and ensuring that no child gets left behind. We have gone the extra mile to ensure optimal ease of use for teachers. Simply click on the resource and download in your preferred format.
  • Improve outcomes with access to hundreds of resources, including an extensive list of sentence starters, assessment response examples and connectives that allow students to begin writing with complete confidence.
  • thinkdrive offers an affordable teaching and learning resource, with school licences covering every teacher and student at your school. School licences provide unlimited access to all our resources for 12 months at a competitive price.
  • Benefit from a free 45- to 60-minute introductory workshop on the effective use of itc thinkdrive for your teachers. We also offer longer or additional workshops with prior arrangement.

About itc thinkdrive

itc thinkdrive is a product of itc publications, a well-known and widely used teacher resource company that has benefitted thousands of teachers in Australia and New Zealand with teaching and learning resources since 2006. Contact us today for more information.