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Why Every Aussie Teacher Needs itc thinkdrive’s Teaching Resources

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Australian educators spend so much time creating and marking practical assessments, implementing behaviour management, developing engaging lesson plans, and doing a myriad of other essential tasks in a day that there is little time available for sourcing high-quality online teaching resources. itc publications created thinkdrive to help educators access the very best educational resources in Australia in one convenient place. Aussie teachers are already some of the busiest people in the country, so we developed a solution to make their lives easier while simultaneously enriching their students’ learning.

What Is itc thinkdrive?

thinkdrive is an online platform that houses thousands of relevant, useful teaching resources in one place. Using the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority’s cognitive verbs (i.e thinking skills or common curriculum elements) as a guide for developing useful material, itc publications have created a platform full of enriching online teaching resources. Each resource is simple for educators to access and implement within the classroom, and all of thinkdrive’s learning resources help children understand and demonstrate cognitive verbs such as ‘explain’, ‘define’, ‘analyse’, and ‘compare’.

The Benefits Of Using itc thinkdrive’s Online Teaching Resources

itc thinkdrive’s learning resources offer advantages to both teachers and students, so it’s no wonder that more schools are adopting this innovative digital resource.

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  • It’s easy to use. One of the best parts about thinkdrive is its intuitive layout. It’s so straightforward and easy to use, and finding resources for lesson plans is a breeze.
  • Everyone in the school can access thinkdrive. There aren’t a hundred different usernames and passwords, and you don’t need special training to understand the software. thinkdrive is accessible to every staff member and student with the school link.
  • Offer real-time feedback to students. Providing each student with useful, relevant feedback is so time-consuming. thinkdrive provides feedback resources so you can offer meaningful and valuable feedback with students quickly, easily, and efficiently.
  • Save yourself time. Finding excellent educational resources in Australia can be time-consuming, and it takes time away from planning lessons. With thinkdrive, everything is at your fingertips and ready to go.
  • Save your school money. thinkdrive’s set annual costs provide unlimited access to engaging educational resources in Australia and New Zealand for every staff member and student in the school. These quality materials pay for themselves with just a handful of uses, and we have no doubt it will be one of the most invaluable purchases your school can make.
  • Give your students access to the best learning resources. As educators, we all want our students to be engaged in their learning and achieve high outcomes. However, finding teaching resources that enable maximum student interaction is difficult and, sometimes, when you do find them, they don’t meet the curriculum requirements. thinkdrive’s online teaching resources are all tested to ensure students are getting rounded educational experiences from each learning material.

Signs That Your School Should Invest In itc thinkdrive’s Teaching Resources

If your school is looking to test thinkdrive before committing to a subscription, we offer a 30-day free trial. We’re confident that educators will quickly see the benefit of our innovative resource once put into action. You should look at trialling thinkdrive’s online teaching resources if;

  • Your teaching staff are overwhelmed. If your teaching staff are dedicating time to students by running extracurricular activities, make sure they can maintain the highest quality lesson plans by providing access to thinkdrive’s extensive database of educational resources in Australia.
  • You have larger classrooms of students. The more students in a class, the more unlikely it is that the teacher can deliver the high quality of personalised instruction they likely wish they could provide. By giving teachers access to thinkdrive’s extensive range of learning resources, you are providing them with the foundational tools to deliver an engaging lesson, leaving them with more time to focus on the students who need the extra attention.
  • Your school is located in a regional or remote area. Just because a school is situated in a remote location does not mean that students in those areas should miss out on any opportunities or lessons that urban students enjoy. thinkdrive provides the highest quality online teaching resources, allowing for a more well-rounded educational experience for students all over Australia and New Zealand.

If You’re Looking For Educational Resources In Australia, Check Out itc thinkdrive Today

itc publications have drawn from learning resources we have published throughout our 18 years as well as teaching resources contributed by hundreds of leading educational professionals all over the country to create thinkdrive. This incredible digital tool allows educators to access educational resources Australia-wide easily. These learning resources assist in helping students understand and demonstrate key cognitive verbs while also engaging them in their learning. Many educators across the country rely on thinkdrive’s learning resources to develop interactive, dynamic lesson plans in a fraction of the time. If you’re interested in subscribing or trialling thinkdrive’s educational resources in Australia, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

What Sets itc thinkdrive Apart Regarding Educational Resources in Australia?

We offer an affordable and highly effective online teaching and learning resource for teachers to teach over 60 common cognitive verbs with curriculum-aligned thinking tools, sentence starters, assessment exemplars, student feedback tools, and much more.

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  • Optimise pedagogy in your school by empowering teachers to deliver our effective lessons using our four-step pathway and ensuring that no child gets left behind. We have gone the extra mile to ensure optimal ease of use for teachers. Simply click on the resource and download in your preferred format.
  • Improve outcomes with access to hundreds of resources, including an extensive list of sentence starters, assessment response examples and connectives that allow students to begin writing with complete confidence.
  • thinkdrive offers an affordable teaching and learning resource, with school licences covering every teacher and student at your school. School licences provide unlimited access to all our resources for 12 months at a competitive price.
  • Benefit from a free 45- to 60-minute introductory workshop on the effective use of itc thinkdrive for your teachers. We also offer longer or additional workshops with prior arrangement.

About itc thinkdrive

itc thinkdrive is a product of itc publications, a well-known and widely used teacher resource company that has benefitted thousands of teachers in Australia and New Zealand with teaching and learning resources since 2006. Contact us today for more information.