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thinkdrive was originally created in 2012 by itc publications, an educational publishing and consulting firm that was established in 2002. Since then, thinkdrive has undergone a number of upgrades culminating in the latest edition launched in July 2018.

Its original purpose was to digitally equip teachers with all the itc thinking tools, especially the itc thinking tool templates, which were part of the best-selling itc companion series; the innovative teachers' companion, innovative students' companion and beginning teachers' companion.

Today, thinkdrive has expanded to not only provide scores of thinking tools, but it unpacks over 60 regularly used cognitive or task verbs with sentence starters and connectives, assessment response exemplars, cooperative thinking tools and much more. thinkdrive has both teacher and student friendly versions which can be easily utilised.

The rationale for thinkdrive is simple.

Students will perform better if they clearly understand the cognitive verb under consideration. This means, students must be provided with an age-appropriate and student-friendly definition so that they fully understand the task. This works well for the teacher, as in formulating the assessment task and subsequent task scaffolding, the appropriate verb can be clearly established.

Next in the process is an aligned thinking tool to the cognitive verb.

Students need a graphic organiser, or thinking tool, to organise their data and thoughts. This part is critical, as it will determine the depth and quality of the student's work. It is an important component of formative assessment.

How will students articulate their response? Each cognitive verb has its own set of language. thinkdrive provides students with sentence starters and connectives so that they can begin writing their responses. It also provides students with assessment response exemplars.

Each assessment response exemplar can be easily adjusted to suit the task. This way, students can view the opening sentences / paragraph of the final response item from the outset.

Today, thinkdrive contains the work of hundreds of educators and respected education authors and consultants.

We encourage you to trial thinkdrive, knowing you can readily improve the thinking and writing skills of students and at the same time, save yourself hours of time.

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