What is thinkdrive?
itc thinkdrive is a one-stop digital resource for unpacking all your regularly-used cognitive verbs, accessing your favourite thinking tool templates, cooperative learning tools and much more.   

There are video explanations of the thinking tools and cooperative learning strategies and all of the thinking tools have Microsoft Word ready-to-use templates to download, saving hours of work.
itc thinkdrive is simple to use; no training is required.

Can I trial thinkdrive?
Yes. Try the thinkdrive lite version which gives you free access to a few features.  https://app.itcthinkdrive.com.au/login?returnUrl=%2F

What is new about thinkdrive?
Upgraded in July 2018, you will notice updates to the design, easier to use thinking tool templates and more assessment response exemplars. You will also notice improved speeds and navigation.

Are the thinkdrive and Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority (QCAA) cognitive verbs aligned?


The definitions of the 66 cognitive verbs on thinkdrive are aligned with QCAA. The 66 cognitive verbs are unpacked with a student-friendly definition, aligned thinking tools, sentence starters / connectives and assessment response exemplars. They are clustered in 15 Major Verb headings.

There remains only 9 QCAA cognitive verbs not unpacked by thinkdrive:
Communicate, Conduct, Detailed, Experiment, Implement, Infer, Resolve, Sketch and Use

Infer will soon be added to thinkdrive.

How much does thinkdrive cost?
Individual Licence
A thinkdrive personal licence: $38.50 including GST p.a

School Licence
This is the most affordable and convenient way of purchasing thinkdrive for your school community. A school licence is available for every teacher and student and provides unlimited access for 12 months.
Primary School: $660 including GST p.a
Secondary School: $880 including GST p.a
K-12 School: $1 320 including GST p.a
Schools with less than 10 Full Time Teaching Staff: $220 including GST p.a

If your school would like to purchase a school licence but does not fall into one of the three school categories (Primary, Secondary or K-12), please contact itc publications directly. All school licences will receive a unique URL for log in. This means, teachers and students do not need to remember usernames and passwords to gain access.

Payment Information:
Credit Card
Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Credit Card Processing
Online credit card transactions are processed using eWay (www.eway.com.au). This gives you the highest level of credit card security. We charge no credit card fees when processing payments.

Payment by Invoice
This option is available for the thinkdrive School Licences only.
If you wish to purchase a thinkdrive school licence, please contact us directly:
info@itcpublications.com.au or (07) 3890 4068 and we can arrange this.

By Phone or Email
Orders can be made via phone or email direct to itc publications.
Phone: (07) 3890 4068
Email: info@itcpublications.com.au
Mail: itc publications, PO Box 300, Cannon Hill QLD 4172

How do I access thinkdrive on my web browser?
To access thinkdrive on your web browser type www.itcthinkdrive.com.au into the URL bar at the top of a new internet page. We recommend using Google Chrome as your internet server, however thinkdrive should work on any current internet server.


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