Thinkdrive Workshops

Free Introductory Teacher Workshop

Explicit task design – scaffolding for success.
A FREE 40-60 minute introductory teacher workshop using thinkdrive for explicit task design.


  • Unpacking the cognitive verb
  • Aligned thinking tools, language and assessment response exemplars
  • Optional: Student Feedback

Who: Teachers, Support Teachers, HODs, HOCs.
Delivery: Face to face (where possible) or Zoom
Equipment:  All participants bring laptops / tablets to the session
Cost: Free

Normal consultancy fees apply for longer or additional workshops.
Sessions are customised for Primary and Secondary schools and can be delivered face-to-face or via zoom.

NEW! Student Workshop
Assessment Skills – where to start and how to succeed.

A 40-60 minute student workshop using thinkdrive to complement the school’s study skills program.

  • A 4-Step process for starting and completing assessment
  • Identifying and understanding the task verb
  • Use aligned thinking tools and language and assessment response exemplars

Who: Primary (Yr.5-6) and Secondary (Yr.7-10)
Delivery: Face to face
Equipment: Students to bring laptops / tablets to the session
Cost: $200-$250

To book a free workshop with one of our presenters, please let us know via the Contact page.

thinkdrive Presenters

Picture of Gerard Alford

Gerard Alford

B.Econ, Dip. Ed. M. Ed.

Director of itc publications

Picture of Kate Hinton

Kate Hinton

B.Ed, ADip. Neuroscience in Leadership, M. Theology.